FG Moves To Regulate AI Usage in the Country


The Federal government has unveiled plans on how to regulate the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Nigeria.

The Speaker, House of Representative, Tajudeen Abbas, disclosed this on recently, while speaking at the 7th Convocation Ceremony organized by the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies in Collaboration with the University of Benin, held in Abuja.

He said, the National Assembly is planning legislation that would see to any attempt to use AI for identity theft, among other criminal activities, is checkmate.

Hon Abbas, stressed the need for Nigeria to have a regulatory framework in place for emerging technologies.

He emphasized the potential benefits of new technologies like AI and robotics, also highlighting the importance of preventing their misuse and abuse.

The Speaker, further emphasized that AI has the ability to bring about numerous advantages, including improved healthcare, safer transportation, cleaner environments, more efficient manufacturing processes and more affordable and sustainable energy sources.

The integration of AI into education was also emphasized as a transformative change in the way teaching and learning are carried out.

Abbas further added that AI has the capacity to personalize learning experiences, enhance educational tools, and optimize administrative systems, thereby offering various advantages as well as presenting distinct challenges.

“Data sets and algorithms can reflect or reinforce gender, racial, or ideological biases. More critically, AI can deepen inequalities by automating routine tasks and displacing jobs.

“There is also likely to be a rise in identity theft and fraud, as evidenced by the use of AI to create highly realistic deep fakes.

“These are intended to misinform, trick and confuse people. Attackers use these maliciously crafted videos, photos and audio to create societal unrest, carry out fraud and damage the reputations of individuals and brands.

“Accordingly, and in recognition of the opportunities and threats posed by AI, the 10th House of Representatives will engage stakeholders and experts on this and related issues,”

He added: “We shall leverage their potential and address issues of privacy, accountability, ethics, security and intellectual property. We will also work with the executive to ensure the integration of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and renewable energy into the school curriculum.

“Therefore, in the coming weeks, I will introduce a bill to regulate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ensure better conditions for the development and use of this innovative technology in Nigeria.

“This will be the first such effort in Africa and one of only a few undertaken by parliaments worldwide.”

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