Wike Rivers State Assembly Members Move To APC: When Men Thread On Illegality, Upon Illegality – Amadi


It remains incredible that in this democratic era, those elected as law makers have suddenly degenerated into law breaking.

It beats any discerning mind to see people wallow in evil just to satisfy the political orgy of one man playing God.

Despite the order of a Court barring the Rivers State House of Assembly factions from sitting or engaging in actions inimical to the law, the Amaewhule-led faction continues to promote the act of illegality and total affront on the judiciary.

Worst is holding such clandestine sittings at odd hours and basking in self deceit of holding legislative business in violation of the orders of the law. This journey of trepidation began on October 30, and repeated on December 4, 8 and 11. All these against subsisting court orders. These were aided by heavily compromised Police system in Nigeria where even a sitting Governor was shot at and almost assisnated in the process.

They have continued to undermine both the power of the Judiciary and that of the governor of the State. Do we need to remind them that those who beat the drum of the gods should be prepared to dance with the gods.

They have violated both human and legal entreatment for peace. Mr. President in his wisdom has at the wake of the crisis admonished all parties to sheath their swords and toe the path of peace. The governor urgently heeded the advice and had continuously sued for peace and acted in good faith to ensure peace, whereas, those stoking the trouble has vehemently chosen the path of war. They have both by speech and action demonstrated the act of war, trying by all means to draw out Rivers people for a fight, yet the governor had pleaded with the people to exercise restraint in compliance with both Mr. President and the court’s directives.

Let it be told warmongers and crisis stokers that Adolf Hitler was a great warrior but ended up in shame, so also Idi Amin Dada of Uganda. Those who chose to set up destruction for others, destruction definitely awaits them at their door steps so the scripture says.

Indeed, the earlier Amaewhule-led faction retraced their steps the better for immediate reconciliation for peace and the growth of Rivers State. We don’t expect to massage illegality by allowing it to stand. Every violation of the law will be jettisoned and will be visited with resentment and punishment.

Let Rivers people beware, that the Amaewhule-led faction of the State Assembly is threading on the path of evil. How can they say they have moved to the APC during a seating that is done on illegality. It is obvious that like the African adage says, he who swallowed a complete coconut should have absolute faith in his anus. They have been crying for starvation, we thought before they dug the trenches, they had stock enough fiber.

Since they have chosen ignominy and evil they should be ready to face the evil they created, otherwise they should urgently toe the path of peace and let Rivers State rise up again to do greater exploits in delivering development to the people. A word they say is enough for the wise.

®️ Chibuzor Anele Amadi.
Ward 3, Unit 07.
Obio/Akpor LGA.

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